Skydive Alabama

Many people get to skydive every day of the year – perfecting their 4-way skills, taking tandems, flying video.. But most of us are not so lucky. We are trapped behind a computer, waiting in traffic on the highway, studying for countless hours for our next test. But we close our eyes and dream of free fall. We dream of the wind in our face, the sound of it whistles in our ears. We picture ourselves turning points with our DZ buddies, sit flying with the new hot chick that started coming around, trying again to catch more than a glimpse of the exit with our new camera. We open our eyes and what do we see? The break lights of the SUV in front of us, a blank monitor waiting for our next brilliant input, or page 2 of the 42 pages that need to be read by tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be nice to open your eyes and see a skydiver grinning back at you, forever in free fall?

Are you ready for some skydiving in Alabama? Whether it is your first jump or not we have lots of options. You may also choose to become a licensed Skydiver at Skydive Alabama.

We offer two different ways that you can experience the thrill of skydiving in alabama for the first time. Our Tandem and Accelerated Free fall training programs offer all you need to make your first skydive as safe and fun as possible. Our jump masters and instructors consist of some of the most highly trained skydiving professionals in the world, and they are eager to share their knowledge with you.

Skydive Alabama only employs USPA certified jump masters and instructors, maintaining a high level of expertise and proficiency. Many of our staff members are also USPA certified to train instructors. Which means you’ll find a lot of our staff to be specially trained “in-house”, adhering to parachute system manufacturers, USPA, and FAA guidelines.

In addition, we also train many jump masters and instructors from around the world. Chances are you will find more than a few staff members at other area DZ’s who have received their certifications from Skydive Monroe. It’s easy to see why we’re clearly your best choice for skydiving.